New Apache Rivet Logo
The Apache Rivet project selects a Lokitech-designed logo.

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  Lokitech Resin Consulting Services


Lokitech, Inc. was incorporated in 1996 to focus on using web technologies to create new business models, offer new communication systems, and leverage technology to streamline operations. We offer an innovative process for building systems to help grow businesses. Our customers are in the athletic, financial, gaming, legal, and non-profit industries.

Our convenient Rockville, Maryland location provides easy access to firms in the Washington metropolitan area. With Lokitech?s strong Web presence and client extranet available for online collaboration, we routinely serve clients throughout the U.S. and overseas.

Lokitech is named after Loki, the Norse god of change. Some have cast Loki as an evil or mischievous god, but this is a harsh treatment of one of Norse mythology?s most dynamic figures. This text can help put Loki?s actions in context:

?The only real certainty is change, a province over which his influence holds considerable sway. One thing I think people don?t remember often enough is that certain things must be done so that others can come to pass. Whatever else you may say about Loki, above all, he is necessary.?

You could say we are living in a "Lokian age."

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