New Apache Rivet Logo
The Apache Rivet project selects a Lokitech-designed logo.

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Apache Rivet

Rivet is a part of the Tool Command Language (Tcl) project associated with the Apache open source community. Rivet unites the power and extensibility of Tcl with the Apache web server by facilitating rapid development through re-use of existing components.

Rivet needed help conceptualizing and implementing a logo for their product. They needed a professional logo that both embodied the aims of the group, yet remained useable in different mediums from the web and business cards to faxes and photocopies.

Through extensive experience with open source software projects, Lokitech’s design staff was able to quickly understand the needs and aims of Rivet,working closely with them through their initial brainstorming process. After listening to ideas and comments from the Rivet team, Lokitech created a first round of 8 ideas based on the two general concepts that emerged. The Design team at Lokitech discussed the first round of ideas with Rivet to determine the right direction for a second round. A third and final round was presented to Rivet, polished versions of the favored logos and decision was reached.

The Lokitech design team was able to develop a logo for Rivet that truly pairs well with the project it represents. Lokitech supplied many different versions of the logo for different uses. Rivet is very pleased with the final product and now has a strong base with which to begin branding.