New Apache Rivet Logo
The Apache Rivet project selects a Lokitech-designed logo.

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Apache James

The Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server (James) is a pure Java SMTP and POP3 mail server and NNTP news server designed to be a complete and portable enterprise mail engine solution. James is a top level project associated with the Apache open source community.

As the James project progressed, its managing committee needed to develop a logo. Even without an existing logo, the committee had ideas and expectations for its design. The James committee contacted Lokitech for its knowledge of professional design and its experience with branding and logo development.

Through all its experience with the open source software projects, Lokitech’s design team was able to work quickly with some of the already developed ideas that were important to the committee.

Lokitech delivered a bold clean logo with all the requested elements and a creative touch. The James logo is now a recognized brand of James at an important time for the project.