Golden Palace Customer Data Encryption
Lokitech ensures all customer data are transfered into and stored securely in Golden Palace's new live video casino system.

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Databases allow businesses to structure their information and processes. Without those repositories of mission-critical data, most businesses would be unable to perform their normal daily transactions, much less create summary reports that help management make strategic decisions.

The guiding principle behind database design is that structured information is more valuable than unstructured information. Appropriately structuring information prevents unnecessary duplication of data, consistency errors in data, and data insertion and deletion hassles. Understanding how best to structure information is one of the most important challenges a business can face.

Lokitech works with multiple database platforms including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and mySQL to help customers move data from unstructured formats such as Word, Excel, text files, or Access to a proper database server. We have also worked with customers to store and exchange data in XML.

Structured information provides critical business benefits:
  • Improved data consistency
    Appropriately structuring information means that data will be stored in one central place, rather than cut-and-pasted across each purchase order or research report. This ensures data consistency and allows an update done by one user to benefit all users of this information immediately.

  • Faster performance
    Databases support relationships and indexes to help businesses find data faster. This prevents costly scans of information in which a computer has to check every piece of information for the order number or location.

  • Summary reports
    Ad-hoc querying or “data-mining” allows a business to track business performance and trends. By analyzing patterns, businesses can learn about their customers’ behavior, demographics, and buying habits.

  • Scalability
    Database servers provide an upgrade path not available with most systems. Each database vendor provides proprietary ways to improve the performance of individual transactions, to balance the database load across multiple processors, to replicate data to multiple locations, and even to cluster a collection of servers together share the load.

  • Redundancy and backup
    Once the value of the information in the database is recognized, customers often ask how they can protect their valuable information. Fortunately, databases come with built-in transaction capabilities so that even during a power-outage or other hardware failure, the database is still recoverable. Also, databases can be backed up easily, either completely or incrementally, to ensure that businesses do not lose information.

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