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The Apache Software Foundation Selects a Lokitech designed logo for its James project.

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Open Source
Open source software is a growing body of free software and software components. At its core, open source is a licensing model where authors receive credit but not profit for the contributions they make to the development of the software. While some open source licenses are competitive, meaning they attempt to restrict usage in order to encourage additional contributions to open source, most are truly free open source licenses where code can be re-purposed into commercial products if so desired.

We contribute actively to the open source community through the non-profit Apache Software Foundation, which greatly benefits both Lokitech and our clients because of the abundance of high quality, freely available software. We maintain a list of open source projects to which we contribute, as well as links to various open source resources and papers that explain the theory behind the open source movement. All of the open source projects in which we participate are written in Java. Below are the projects to which we contribute:

Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server (JAMES)
JAMES is an SMTP and POP3 mail server looking to overtake sendmail someday as the de facto free mail server. It is the first mail server to support the concept of application-server mail processing. We have defined a “mailet” API that allows developers to write custom software that can run within the mail server when a particular message is sent. This can be anything from running a simple email list service, to attaching disclaimer notices on all outgoing email messages, to scanning for viruses on incoming messages.

Lokitech President & Founder Serge Knystautas was the original code contributor to this project and continues to maintain the site and related documentation, as well as contribute vision, bug fixes, optimizations, and occasional feature enhancements. Senior Developer Matt Pangaro has also contributed feature enhancements. We use JAMES as our incoming mail server, where we host several POP3 accounts.

This is a database abstraction layer and object-relational mapping library. Serge Knystautas was the original developer of this code (taken from Village) and continues to make occasional contributions. We use Town in the majority of our projects.

This is a simple library of tools related to the weather. It includes code to retrieve forecasts and observations, as well as some primitive weather-related calculations

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