New Apache Rivet Logo
The Apache Rivet project selects a Lokitech-designed logo.

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  Lokitech Resin Consulting Services


Lokitech specializes in the following areas of strategy planning and deployment:

  • Resin Consulting - Caucho Technology's Resin is an industrial-grade platform that can meet your software needs at a fraction of the cost. Lokitech brings in-depth knowledge of Resin coupled with experience building complex web-based applications. Lokitech and Resin gives small sites the power of industry giants -- at a much lower cost than other enterprise platforms.

  • J2EE Roadmap - Lokitech has established a solid reputation for building robust J2EE systems, as well as designing and implementing J2EE frameworks.

  • Security - Lokitech provides network and application security consulting services.

  • Development Strategy - Lokitech’s development strategy is geared toward your success. Our goal is to build the right system for your business needs.

  • Network Infrastructure - Lokitech builds large software systems that require extensive infrastructure and operational support.

Lokitech Blueprint - Defining Your Product    Read more [pdf]
Lokitech offers an efficient and structred approach to ensure your product definition is accurate and thorough.

Resin Consulting
J2EE roadmap