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J2EE Roadmap
The Java 2 Enterprise Edition specification can help businesses face challenges coming from inadequate performance, scalability, and fault tolerance in their legacy systems. J2EE brings the promise of a reliable approach that replaces legacy code with a new architecture that can meet requirements across an enterprise. Out of a mix of industry standards that are constantly changing, J2EE has emerged as a leading application server platform. Many of today’s companies have implemented J2EE across their enterprises, realizing the benefit of a standardized and accepted platform with industrial strength features. Migrating legacy code to J2EE can refresh aging and under-performing systems and ease the pain of developing distributed applications, applications that require clustering, and applications with high uptime requirements.

Lokitech has established a solid reputation for building robust J2EE systems, as well as designing and implementing J2EE frameworks. Many of our clients’ original systems were built on legacy platforms including C/C++, Visual Basic, Pascal, and COBOL. Our expertise in transitioning these systems to the J2EE framework has resulted in numerous success stories:
  • Collegiate athletics – Lokitech developed a J2EE-based product named PrestoSports, a simple online tool that gives a school complete control over their organization’s athletics website. PrestoSports allows users to update and change directly any part of their website from any location, removing the need for a third party.

  • Financial services - Lokitech has worked with financial institutions to create complete technology solutions for their e-commerce service functions, including web-based applications for asset management, online financial analysis tools, and call center applications. We deployed J2EE technology at large financial institutions as early as 1997.

  • Gaming software – Lokitech has built graphic intensive, high performance J2EE-based online gaming systems with high security payment systems and full-featured, built-in accounting systems. These have been the most leading edge systems as they have the uptime and security requirements of a bank with the performance and sizzle of an entertainment website.

  • Open source projects – Lokitech staff members have made significant contributions to the JAMES (Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server) project, the first mail server to support the concept of application-server mail processing. By defining a “mailet” API, JAMES allows developers to write custom software that can run within the mail server when a particular message is sent. JAMES scales to accommodate millions of transactions per hour.

During these engagements, the Lokitech team will review your system and provide a list of causes of performance problems, a list of recommended configuration changes, and documentation of remedies for avoiding future problems. Lokitech employs its suite of open source and proprietary tools to diagnose problems rapidly within J2EE applications and provide tools and guidance to solve system performance problems and anticipate bottlenecks or poor design decisions.

Our process is based on numerous design principles, but focuses mainly on refactoring and troubleshooting utilizing the J2EE specification. When you are deciding how to take your application to the next level, Lokitech can help you decide whether J2EE is right for you.

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