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  Lokitech Resin Consulting Services


Lokitech & Caucho Technology, Inc. Introduce Resin Consulting Services
Caucho Technologies? Resin is an industrial-grade platform that can meet your software needs at a fraction of the cost. Lokitech brings in-depth knowledge of Resin coupled with experience building complex web-based applications. Lokitech and Resin gives small sites the power of industry giants -- at a much lower cost than other enterprise platforms.
Lokitech and Caucho have combined forces to bring you our expertise to your organization with Lokitech Resin Consulting Services.

System Assessment and Validation
Lokitech provides in-depth review services to assess your current application architecture and environment. We review your system from top to bottom, validate your design and architecture, and look for ways to maximize the power of your system while reducing costs. Lokitech?s team has years of experience designing and building leading-edge systems. Lokitech can help you decide your next steps by providing:
  • Application design and validation
  • System cost review and modeling
  • Security review
Resin Migration Are you not realizing value from your application platform? Lokitech can help and guide your migration to Resin, from planning all the way through deployment. Our team of Resin experts has built and deployed Resin and has the in-depth knowledge to get you the next level ? fast.

Optimize Resin Lokitech can provide in-depth configuration and optimization services specifically for your Resin-based system to maximize the usage and output of your Resin environment. Our clients have benefited from our knowledge and relationship with Caucho to identify configuration problems or bottlenecks that are preventing their system from high performance levels. We can help recognize higher usage by providing:
  • Application server configuration and optimization
  • Performance optimization
Resin Development Lokitech can help you build your application using all the power Resin has to offer. From the simplest websites to high-availability large-scale applications, Lokitech and Resin can work for you. Lokitech has established a solid reputation for building robust Resin-based J2EE systems, as well as designing and implementing J2EE frameworks. We fuse the power of Resin with the cost savings of Open Source software to deliver many successful applications to our clients. Our process is based on numerous design principles, focusing on:
  • Iterative development
  • High client visibility
  • Maximized benefits from Open Source technologies

Caucho and Lokitech can help you reach your goals of minimizing cost and maximizing your quality. Call us today to begin.

About Resin Enterprise Resin Enterprise is a feature-rich application server that delivers the power of the Java 2 Enterprise platform at a fraction of the cost of other application servers. The Resin Enterprise offers:
  • Software-based clustering for high-availability
  • Container-managed persistence (CMP) for data access development
  • Database caching for improved performance
  • Developer productivity support

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