Our Lady of Mercy Parish
The Lokitech Design Group delivers new website in conjunction with parish's New Church on May 1, 2002.

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Security: Lokitech Lock & Key
As associations offer more online services to their members, it is critical to anticipate vulnerabilities that could compromise privacy and threaten disruptions in service. Lokitech understands the important missions of associations, and we help you use technology to support your goals, not detract from them.

We have experience helping our clients ensure a safe and reliable online environment for your members. That is why we’ve created the Lokitech Lock & Key security offering, which helps our clients resolve difficult security issues by assessing vulnerabilities and formulating sound security policies that fit organizational needs without causing unnecessary restraints for visitors to your Web site, as well as internal staff.

Even if your network is already protected, your organization could still be at risk of attack or unexpected failure. In order to anticipate these vulnerabilities, our security assessments go a level deeper, taking a hard look at the software in use by an organization. We look at how practices and policies affect technology security within the organization, especially regarding how software is developed, installed, and maintained. We investigate how permissions are set up and how external connections such as extranets and Internet connections are configured. From this assessment, we provide recommendations that will strengthen your systems and then work with your technology team to implement these changes.

Lokitech Lock & Key